Giampaolo Amoruso

Despite his Italian roots, Giampaolo Amoruso (1961) has spent his entire life in Belgium. His passion for glass can be traced back to the glassworks in Boussu, where he received his initial training. He was so enthralled by glass that, when the factory closed, he decided to specialise in various glassworking techniques, developing into the internationally acclaimed glass artist is today.

Although the works of art created by Amoruso are often brightly coloured, they can also be very subdued. They are always minutely finished. His blown glass sculptures portray a wide range of expressions, sometimes leaning towards the absurd, yet they always remain highly recognisable.

When people meet, their attention is instantly drawn to the face. The head is where all communication takes place and the source from which our emotions - and our capacity for rational thinking - stem. In this respect, it is hardly surprising that heads are so often featured in works of art. This principle can also be applied to the work of Amoruso. In addition to his collection of heads, he also creates ‘puppets’, small and whimsical figurines that will bring a smile to the beholder. However, beneath the cheerful colours and shapes, a very different set of emotions can be discerned by those that have the courage to want to see them.