Edward Leibovitz

Edward Leibovitz (1946) continues to experiment and improve with the greatest possible drive. Glass is the raw material of his preference. He has mastered the various techniques involved: he practices sandblasting and makes use of acid baths; he engraves, perforates, cuts and blows glass. It is not seldom that this diversity of techniques is applied to a single work of art, one on top of another. Leibovitz makes a great deal of effort, such as physically demanding labour and demolition work, to reach his envisioned goal. He chops, drills holes, rounds off the sharp edges, engraves characters or inscriptions, sands and files there where it is still necessary - and polishes that which remains.

Leibovitz is a searcher, continually pushing boundaries. As in science, he discovers a world of new unknowns behind the solution to every problem.

It is precisely the combination of his artistic temperament, imagination and spontaneous creativity that results in works of art of such a high level of quality and has brought Leibovitz a position of renown in the international art scene.